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Derna Universiry Journal of Medical Sciences

Peer-Reviewed & Open Access Journal

Official Publication of Derna University, Derna, Libya

رقم الايداع القانوني بدار الكتب الوطنية - بنغازي : 109/2023

Editorial Committee:


Dr Amal Agila
Associate Professor of Food Sciences and Nutrition
Derna University Journal of Medical Sciences
Derna University
Derna, Libya.
WhattsApp Phone: +218915094655
E.mail: a.khalil@uod.edu.ly


I am an active nutritionist with over 13 years of experience. I have an extensive knowledge and a spacious understanding in scientific studies that connect diet to human health. (More) My research career involves working closely to determine appropriate nutrition for people with diseases to protect society and develop the right diet. I also work in researches that are connected to study food contamination with heavy elements and their danger to human health. Also, I am interested in research related to determine aroma volatiles in food products that are beneficial to human health and meet the desire of consumers.
Dr. Abdelmonsef Mossa Oakley Associate Professor of Neuropsychiatric Child Hood Mental Disability E.mail: monsefmousa540@gmail.com Dr. Sara Elgazwi Assistant Prof. in Biochemistry E.mail: s.elgazwi@uod.edu.ly Dr. Salma Mohammed Alostaomar Lecturer in Physiology-Endocrinology E.mail:salma.aboubakr@uod.edu.ly Dr. Fatma Rafalah Soliman Almabruk Lecturer in Biology E.mail: f.solieman@uod.edu.ly

Advisory Committee Members:

International Advisory Committee

Dr. Sheryl Barringer Professor of Food Sciences The Ohio State University 215 Parker FST, 2015 Fyffe Road Columbus, Ohio, USA E.mail: barringer.11@osu.edu Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Morsi Ali Professor in Applied Medical Chemistry & Radiology Medical Research Institute Alexandria University, Egypt E.mail: dr_mohamedmorsi@hotmail.com

National Advisory Committee

Dr. Abdullatif Amneenah Professor of Paediatrics Faculty of Medicine Derna University Derna, Libya Email: a.amneenah@uod.edu.ly Dr. Khaled Salem Al-Salhen Professor of Biochemistry Faculty of Medicine Derna University E.mail:k.alsalhen@uod.edu.ly Dr. Yousef Elgitait Professor in Medical Management Faculty of Medical Technology Misurata, Libya. Dr Nagi Idris Professor of Psychopharmacology University of Tobruk Tobruk, Libya. E.mail:nfidris@gmail.com Dr. Waled AE Astiata Professor of Rehabilitation University of Tripoli Email:W.astiata@uot.edu.ly Dr. Nura Nasib El-tajouri Professor in Clinical Biochemistry & Biogenetic Benghazi University E.mail: nasibnm.2014@gmail.com Dr Ejlal Abdulrahman Ahmed Alzergy Professor of Histology and Cytology Omar Al-Mukhtar University E.mail: aglal.alzergy@omu.edu.ly Dr Ali Gh Saeid Al-Ghaithi Professor of Environmental Development Benghazi University E.mail: ali.gafer@uod.edu.ly

International Reviewers:

Dr. Nevein Mohamed Abdelhady Professor of Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt Email: nevein_abdelhady@yahoo.com Dr. Ibrahim Fouad Mohamed Professor of Medical Biochemistry, Egypt E.mail: Fouad_lab2020@yahoo.com Dr Hossam Bahgat Bahnasy Assistant Prof. in Clinical Biochemistry, Egypt E.mail: dr.hosambahgat@gmail.com

National Reviewers:

Dr. Abdulhamid Alkout Professor of Medical Microbiology University of Tripoli Email Dr_Alkout@yahoo.com Dr. Fathi Mohamed Sherif Professor of Pharmacology University of Tripoli Email: fmosherif@yahoo.com Dr. Mohamed Kaled Shambesh Professor of Community Medicine Tripoli University Email: mkshambesh@yahoo.com Dr. Mohamed Hamza Professor of Clinical and Preventive Nutrition Benghazi University Email: hamzasol@yahoo.com Dr. Aisha Dugani Professor of Pharmacology University of Tripoli Email: duganiaisha@yahoo.com Dr. Mustafa Targhi Professor of Pharmaceuticals University of Tripoli Email: mustafatarghi@yahoo.com Dr. Jamal Mezogi Professor of Pharmacognosy University of Tripoli Email: mezogi@yahoo.co.uk Dr. Mohammed Alsagher Professor of Microbiology University of Tripoli alsagher2002@yahoo.co.uk Dr. Mustafa Augila Professor of Biochemistry University of Tripoli maaugila@hotmail.com Dr. Amran Nasr Fahid Professor of Medical Chemistry University of Tripoli Ofhid@yahoo.com Dr. Miluda Rajab Elhamadi Professor of Epidemiology University of Tripoli Email: meludar@yahoo.com Dr. Mohamed Ben Hasan Professor of Hematology Faculty of Medical Technology Misurata, Libya. E.mail: benhasan672003@yahoo.com Dr. Suad Ajroud Associate Professor, Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynecology E.mail: Soadmohmed88@gmail.com Dr. Hamad Khairalla Rafe Associate Professor in Surgery Senior Consultant Surgeon E.mail: Dochammedostaali@gmail.com Dr Fayrouz Alzobair Khaled Associate Professor in Biochemistry Omar-Al-Mukhtar University E.mail: fayrouz.alzuber@omu.edu.ly Dr Mohamed Elawayeb Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Medical Technology Misurata, Libya E.mail: mhmd666@yahoo.com Dr Osama Al Deeb Associate Professor in Biochemistry Omar Al-Mukhtar University Email: osama7478@hotmail.com Dr Gamal Elhassadi Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine Consultant Physician Haemato-Oncologiest E.mail: elhassadigamal@gmail.com Dr Khalid Elmajri Assistant Professor, Specialist in General Ophthalmology E.mail: Asdderna@yahoo.com Dr Adel Mistiri Assistant Professor, Consultant in Internal Medicine. Abu Dhabi. U.A.E E.mail: aamistiri@g.mail.com Dr. Hamed Abdulatti Consultant in E.N.T University of Tobruk Email: halawamy@yahoo.com Dr Khalid Salih Almismary Assistant Professor in Anesthesia E.mail: Khaledalmasmary69@gmail.com Dr Emira Bousoik Assistant Professor in Pharmacology E.mail: e.bousoik@uod.edu.ly Dr Noria Othman Raffalla MD, Ph.D in Pathology E.mail: noriaothman2yahoo.com Mrs. Salwa Eljamay Assistant Prof. in Public Health E.mail: salwaeljamay@cmtd.edu.ly, salwaeljamy@gmail.com Mrs. Ambarka Eid. H. Kreim Lecturer in Clinical Nutrition & Weight Control Tripoli University E.mail: rery2009.a@yahoo.com Mr. Khalid Shukri Mustafa Lecturer in Microbiology Tobruk University Tobruk, Libya E.mail: khalidshukri@yahoo.com Mr. Mohammed Marri Younus Lecturer in Zoology Derna University E.mail: mohamedmarri14@yahoo.com